Xiaomi: bicicleta eléctrica plegable y cama inteligente

Xiaomi: folding electric bike and smart bed

Xiaomi: folding electric bike and smart bed

Two new devices have appeared in the Xiaomi universe. On the one hand an electric bicycle, on the other hand a bed that can be integrated into the smart home.

QiCycle is the name of the latest product in the Xiaomi universe. It is a folding electric bike that might interest some people in Germany as well. The part travels at a maximum of 25 km / h, which is due to an artificial restriction. I think it’s pretty easy for a small folding bike. Anyway, I would not wait for an official market launch, you would have to go through imports.

Different driving modes are offered so that you can achieve the specified range of approximately 40 km. Then go to the beer garden and wait 4 hours (drink beer) until the QiCycle recharges. The wheels of the new electric folding bike are 20 ″ and the device costs just under € 400 in Xiaomi’s domestic market. By the way, it is not the first bicycle of its kind to come from this company.


Smart bed presented

The new Smart Electric Bed can also be found on Xiaomi’s Youpin platform.There are different modes for the bed, to which the head area and the feet area are aligned. You know something like that about hospital beds. This bed can be controlled by buttons or an app and can be integrated into the Mijia smart home. It is very likely that he will not come to Germany. But maybe in a few years?

Lining up the bed with a voice command and turning on Netflix certainly sounds very interesting to me.

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