108 MP camera comparison: Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs.  Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (video)

Xiaomi is now working with Telekom

Xiaomi’s hardware is now available from another cell phone provider, the network operator Telekom sells Xiaomi smartphones and contracts.

Xiaomi is also making further progress in Germany, and the company has now found another important partner. As of now, Telekom is on board Xiaomi in Germany, as both companies announce shortly before Easter. And not only is Easter approaching, Xiaomi will also soon bring its Mi 10 smartphones to German retailers. However, at first, they want to offer the Mi Note 10 from the previous year, with the Magenta Mobil M for a single euro.

Telekom will soon sell Xiaomi smartphones

“We are very pleased to have won a particularly important and strong partner in Telekom Deutschland, with whom we will further expand the presence and distribution of our smart phones and smart hardware connected to IoT.” – Golem

In Telekom there should also be the middle class, the Redmi Note 8 Pro should also be available from the mobile operator with a contract. The Redmi Note 9S, which was introduced for the European market a few days ago, can be expected later.

Xiaomi is not on the Telekom home page yet, but it certainly will be soon.

Telekom reduces MagentaMobil fees by 10 euros per month the first year