Z: el próximo teléfono inteligente OnePlus no hasta el verano

Xiaomi Mi 10 and OnePlus 8 are on the way

Z: the next OnePlus smartphone not until summer

OnePlus and Xiaomi are already taking the first or last important steps to launch their new flagship smartphones in the markets.

Samsung and Huawei will launch new Android smartphones soon, but the competition is also slowly heating up for the usual exchange of blows in the first half of the year. In particular, the look at Xiaomi is interesting because the manufacturer of very affordable smartphones would like to take the last steps closer to the expensive competition. Now it is becoming apparent that new hardware from Xiaomi and OnePlus is slowly but surely on its way. But patience is still needed.

To the extent that the above information is correct, both smartphones were discovered in the first authorities. No technical specifications or photographs. Basically, however, manufacturers take their first steps and register new hardware where it is needed. Xiaomi already registered a new 5G smartphone with Teena in December, the registration became known today.

Xiaomi and OnePlus: everything runs at full speed in the background

And something should also happen on OnePlus. As of January 10, 2020, Oppo’s sister reportedly registered new hardware, which we will later receive as OnePlus 8. For both manufacturers, however, it is not yet possible to foresee when the new hardware will be presented or launched in the markets. As mentioned earlier in the text, we still need a bit of patience on our part.

However, with OnePlus, I would almost assume that the OnePlus 8 Lite is way ahead of flagship devices. If we focus on the previous year, the Xiaomi Mi 10 occurs in February or March. The OnePlus 8, including the Pro model, won’t be available until May or June.