Xiaomi Mi Note 11 posiblemente con cámara de 150 MP

Xiaomi Mi 10: expect a higher price

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 possibly with 150 MP camera

Xiaomi is gradually becoming a premium brand, so the new high-end smartphones are better but also a bit more expensive.

In the future, Xiaomi will no longer just ride the cheap rails, flagship devices can cost something too. This was already demonstrated with the Mi Note 10, which caused a sensation as the first 108 MP smartphone. But it also hit the European markets at a very high price and is only now slowly stabilizing below € 500. This makes us even clearer that an upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 would have to start with at least € 500.

A Xiaomi product manager is said to have already made a statement at this address, who deleted his message shortly after. But as already described in the introduction, the signs are clearly pointing to further price increases. Xiaomi certainly wants to stay below the competition in terms of price with its high-end smartphones, but the latest, high-quality hardware costs money.

Cheap was yesterday: Xiaomi gave us the price shock

Xiaomi wants to become a premium brand

That is the price that Xiaomi can now compete with Huawei and Samsung in many respects. In the past, users had to do without fast data storage devices or good cameras at low prices. The software was also often inappropriate. As I already described in another post, Xiaomi doesn’t want it anymore. Especially since it is more likely that in the future cheap flagship smartphones will be found in Redmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi.

The new Mi 10 series can already be expected in February, but an announcement is still pending.

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