Xiaomi coloca a Poco como un competidor interno

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and Poco F2: leaks about the new smartphones

Xiaomi positions Poco as an internal competitor

Several new Xiaomi Android smartphones are on the way, now there are new leaks for the Mi 10 Pro and the Poco F2.

There are two new leaks for the weekend, an upcoming Xiaomi smartphone can be seen in two images. There is also a leak on the second Pocophone, which could confirm the new Poco F2. In any case, the Pocophone company announced a few weeks ago that it wanted to show more this year, after 2019 was actually completely quiet. Pocophone recently got the Poco F2 branding, at least that sounds interesting. We are excited.

Mi 10 Pro: Xiaomi smartphone allegedly seen in pictures

I have many more doubts about the following images, the Mi 10 Pro should supposedly already be seen in the images. Well over a month before the poster presentation with the finished design, that sounds a bit early to us. February 23 is named after the presentation, a whole corner after the Samsung Galaxy S20. Recently there have been somewhat different rumors about it. Just take a look: