Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: ¿batería del nuevo teléfono inteligente superior con doble celda para una mayor velocidad de carga?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: battery of the new top smartphone with dual cells for faster charging speed?

Xiaomi’s next top smartphone could charge particularly fast, the manufacturer uses a known little trick for this.

Xiaomi is planning a new edition of the Mi 10 series, at least there should be an even stronger version of the previous Pro model. As with Huawei, you will probably come up with the creative name Mi 10 Pro +. The battery should already be known today, which does not increase in its maximum capacity compared to the Mi 10 Pro. It is only clear that Xiaomi is based on a dual cell, that is, the battery is divided into two parts.

To update: Meanwhile, Xiaomi has chosen a different name, share one of the high-ranking PR staff members. The new Mi 10 Ultra will be available on August 11.

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Little trick with big impact

Why is that? With this trick, manufacturers can charge their batteries even faster. Instead of charging a battery with 100 watts, two individual batteries are charged with 50 watts each. Of course, this is gentler on batteries, even if there is still quite a bit of juice through the cable. The new batteries are said to have been TÜV approved in China, and relevant information is available.

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The battery of the Mi 10 Pro + does not increase in capacity. However, as things stand so far, Xiaomi may offer fast charging with 100 watts. The manufacturer had already talked about this several times last year, but to date it has not presented a suitable power supply or the correspondingly compatible smartphone. The basis of the new Mi 10 Pro + should be the newer Snapdragon 865+, which brings a bit more power.

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