Xiaomi Mi 9T ahora recibe el nuevo Android 10

Xiaomi Mi 9T now receives the new Android 10

Xiaomi Mi 9T now receives the new Android 10

Xiaomi is supplying the next Android smartphone with the latest Android version in Europe, and the Mi 9T will also receive the newest MIUI 11.

Xiaomi now brings the new Android 10 to another Android smartphone. This time in a very popular device, the Mi 9T was one of the first models destined for Europe and at a low price of less than € 300. Since the first week of the year, Xiaomi has been supplying the international version of the smartphone (Mi 9T, Redmi K20) with a firmware update that includes Android 10 and MIUI 11. The wireless download of the update is probably more than two gigabytes , so the German user should probably look for a stable WLAN Internet.

MIUI 11: a video about the most exciting innovations

Official change log in 10 points

Easier, smarter and more useful

  • The “Smart Reply” feature now suggests possible actions. So when someone messages you with an address or YouTube video, you will be asked if you want to open a route to this address on Google Maps or open the video on YouTube, without the hassle of copying and pasting. Smart Answer now works in all of your popular messaging apps.
  • Come to the dark side … with the dark design. You can turn on the dark layout for your entire smartphone or only for certain apps like Chrome, Photos, and Calendar. This will save your eyes and your battery.
  • You can enable the new gesture control in the system settings and optimize the use of larger edge-to-edge displays. With simple swipe motions, you can go back, open the home screen, and switch between apps so easily that you definitely won’t lose any visible buttons.
  • Just tap once with your finger and the “Auto Captions” feature captions videos, podcasts and voice messages, fully automatically and in every application, even your own recordings. “Auto Captions” will be available later this fall (initially on Pixel phones) (initially in English only).

New security and data protection features for even greater control

  • You can specify in the settings that your location data is only shared for the applications you are currently using. You will also receive a message if an application that you are not currently using accesses your location data. So that you can actively decide if you want to share your location or not.
  • There is a new data protection area in the settings. There you have access to important settings such as “Web and application activities” and “Advertising settings”.
  • With Google Play system updates, you receive important security and data protection updates right to your smartphone, just like your apps update in the background. So you always get fixes right away and you don’t have to wait for the next OS update.

Find the right balance for you and your family

  • With Android 10, you can even better control how and when you receive notifications. If you set the notifications to “Silent”, they will not make any sound or appear on the lock screen. This way you will only receive notifications when you want it.
  • Family Link is now available directly in the digital wellness settings on any Android 9 or 10 device. Parents can use it to set rules such as daily screen time restrictions, device sleep time, time restrictions for certain apps and more. for the use of your children’s device. You can also check the apps that your kids want to install on their devices, as well as their usage.

  • Do you want to focus on something but not turn off your smartphone completely? With the new focus mode, you can select especially distracting apps (emails or messages, for example) and mute them until you turn focus mode off again. Join the trial program to test the feature now.