Xiaomi Mi Band 4 pronto volverá a la oferta de Aldi, sea más barato hoy

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with the long-awaited innovation for mobile payment?

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will soon return to the Aldi offer, get cheaper today

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 should also be able to make contactless payments outside of China, but so far it doesn’t talk much about Google Pay.

Xiaomi’s Mi Band has so far lacked an interesting feature here, the fifth generation could finally bring a change with it. The supposedly exclusive news is now available for the Mi Band 5, which immediately attracts our attention. In said Tizenhelp report it is said that the Mi Band 5 should be equipped with a larger 1.2 ″ OLED screen. Meanwhile, nothing has changed in terms of price, you can expect a price of around € 30. NFC should be available internationally for the first time.

In recent generations, the Mi Band already offered NFC for mobile payments, but mainly for the Chinese market. Now Xiaomi is also very successful internationally and is one of the market leaders, particularly in wearables. This approach should be broadened if Xiaomi wants to stay ahead of Apple, Samsung and company.

Google Pay so far only for Android devices

At the moment, there is nothing to suggest that Google Pay could be offered on the Mi Band 5. This assumption is likely to be adopted more often now, but it remains a pipe dream for now. The explanation for this is simple, because Google Pay is only available for devices with Android operating system.

In conclusion, the current situation leads us to Xiaomi must take its Mi Pay to Europe. Similar to what Fitbit does, which relies on its own service for mobile payments. By the way, Garmin too.

Let’s just hope that Xiaomi has been cooperating much more intensively with Google for a long time. Additionally, Google could gain more customers for Pay if platforms other than Android were supported.