Xiaomi no trae nada nuevo para la serie Mix por ahora, deja caer Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha: no market launch of the immersive smartphone?

Xiaomi does not bring anything new for the Mix series for now, drops Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi showed its Mi Mix Alpha last year, which consists almost entirely of one screen. Unfortunately, the smartphone concept could remain one for longer, the market launch is shaking.

A few days ago it seemed more like an international availability of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha, now the Asian media reports the opposite. According to the latest information, Xiaomi’s immersive smartphone has been postponed indefinitely. Although it is already listed in the Xiaomi store. So is it just a concept for the surprise moment in a presentation? The Mi Mix Alpha should start at least in small series in China in December. As is well known, nothing has resulted from this.

Xiaomi likes to show only concept smartphones

When asked, Xiaomi is said to have revealed to its Chinese colleagues that the Mi Mix Alpha was postponed indefinitely. From today’s perspective, there is no date to be announced for the presentation. Therefore, Xiaomi shows once again an interesting concept and a very exciting idea, but in reality it cannot deliver like Samsung and Huawei. However, the two competitors were only able to sell their first folding smartphones a few months after the presentation.

Xiaomi also showed a foldable smartphone many months ago before the Mi Mix Alpha. Until today, nothing of him was seen. The Mi Mix Alpha is a device with a flexible AMOLED screen, which covers almost the entire device but cannot be folded.