Xiaomi Mi Note 11 posiblemente con cámara de 150 MP

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: 108 MP mode now faster thanks to MIUI 11.0.10

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 possibly with 150 MP camera

Xiaomi improves the Mi Note 10 again, another software update improves the mode for 108 MP photos.

In the first days and weeks, taking 108 MP photos with the Mi Note 10 was only limited fun, because the photos were not created or opened very quickly. Sometimes a 108MP photo would take several seconds to open. Not exactly updated for a device in this class, which initially sold for over € 500.

Mi Note 10: MIUI 11.0.10 improves

A new update provides improvements. As one reader informed us, MIUI Global Stable is currently coming to the Mi Note 10. This makes using the camera’s 108 MP mode much faster. If you take a photo in this resolution, the photo with the latest firmware can be opened in the gallery immediately and without delay.

At first the 108MP footage was only in the box after about 5 seconds. Then after 2-3 seconds Now from today you can open the image in the gallery immediately after, you will only see a slight delay while the image is in focus (about 1 second).

The new update should arrive on your Mi Note 10 in the next few hours or days, the distribution of the new software has only just begun.