Xiaomi Mi Scooters sale del patio aún más barato gracias al acuerdo del club

Xiaomi Mi Scooters comes out of the yard even cheaper thanks to the club agreement

Xiaomi Mi Scooters comes out of the yard even cheaper thanks to the club agreement

The branches have been stocking for a long time and sales have already started. Now the Mi Scooter from Xiaomi already has great discounts. Why? Let’s explain.

Sometimes everything comes a little earlier and faster than expected. The Xiaomi Mi Scooter for German roads with the corresponding homologation will actually only be presented on Wednesday. So sales on MediaMarkt and Saturn will start right away. Unless you stop by the market today, ask explicitly about Xiaomi electric scooters and check out the club’s offers that are about to start. In any case, this already brings you a great discount, reports a Mydealz user.

July 15 update: Now everything is officially available directly from Saturn and MediaMarkt.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter: both scooters now start directly reduced

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MediaMarkt Club: My Scooter 1S starts at less than 400 euros

The reporting customer was at MediaMarkt, ordered the Mi Scooter 1S and was given a scooter straight from the warehouse. The employee made the additional reference to upcoming club offers, which allow MediaMarkt customers with a club card an additional discount. 387 euros are on the receipt, which is also available as a photo. Originally, the Mi Scooter 1S was supposed to start in Germany for 499 euros, but the RRP has probably dropped to 449 euros. Thanks to the club’s offers there is an additional discount of 62 euros. Madness.

When asked, Xiaomi Germany announced via Facebook that the MediaMarkt and Saturn branches had already been supplied. Sales have even started, more or less officially. In any case, they didn’t want to wait any longer until Wednesday. The only thing missing is the application for the German market to manage My Scooter through a smartphone. This application should be available in the application stores no later than Wednesday.

An event is scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday at 2 pm, when Xiaomi will present new hardware for Europe and Germany. There are not only new scooters, but also something for television, new headphones and much more.

In addition to the Mi Scooter 1S there is also the Mi Scooter Pro 2 for Germany, which, among other things, should go 15 km more on a single battery charge. 599 euros is probably the RRP. We currently do not know if the club’s offers apply to this as well.