Xiaomi MIUI 12: habrá más disponibles en mayo

Xiaomi: MIUI 12 announcement

MIUI is Xiaomi’s software that extends Android with various functions. Another update will follow this year, now there was the first announcement.

Xiaomi will add new software for its own Android smartphones this year. As in previous years, a major update can be expected with many innovations for the smartphone software. Now there was a first announcement for it. Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers whose own MIUI software is independent of the Android version. If an Android smartphone receives a new version of MIUI as a system update, it is not necessary to include a new version of Android.

MIUI 11 is being shipped, MIUI 12 has already been announced

Although Xiaomi will soon show the new Mi 10 smartphones, the new software can be expected later. Xiaomi only started shipping version 11 at the end of last year, so version 12 is not expected the following spring. But sometimes you never know, Chinese manufacturers in particular like to take a quick shot or two.

By the way, Xiaomi had not yet revealed any details about the new MIUI 12. Basically, the manufacturer should be interested in purifying its own software and offering a base of good extensions for the Android operating system. Nothing more and nothing less.

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