Google está actualizando significativamente la aplicación de Mensajes: Alemania aún no tiene la función más importante

Xiaomi now relies more on Google applications instead of its own solutions

Google is significantly updating the Messages app: Germany doesn't have the most important function yet

Xiaomi has posted an announcement for new smartphones, two of its own Android apps are now being replaced by Google apps on newer devices.

Xiaomi has posted an interesting announcement for its own Android smartphones on its own forum. The offer of the application, which is pre-installed on Xiaomi smartphones, is changing in various markets. Two of its own Android apps are giving way to new Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro devices, instead, Google solutions are now being used. It refers to the two Android applications that are used for telephony and messages (SMS, RCS). This new announcement also applies to devices offered in the EU.

Xiaomi now relies more on Google applications

Xiaomi launches the two mentioned applications from its own devices (MIUI dialer, messages). From now on you can rely on Google Phone and Google Messages. Therefore, the function with which users could record active calls is no longer available at the moment. A comeback should occur in 2020, the manufacturer added to its announcement. Interestingly, Xiaomi does not change anything on devices that are older than the Mi 9T Pro. It does not seem so easy to replace existing system applications.

“Global ROMs and EEA ROMs of the new Xiaomi devices will no longer have the MIUI dialer and messaging, but Google Phone and Messages will come pre-installed on them. Devices released before Mi 9T Pro are not expected to have these apps. “