Xiaomi no trae nada nuevo para la serie Mix por ahora, deja caer Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo: new file sharing feature for everyone

Xiaomi does not bring anything new for the Mix series for now, drops Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers are now implementing a new system internationally, which allows users to exchange files with each other more quickly.

Last year, the three Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo announced that they would work together for certain functions of their devices. This announcement was made again at the beginning of the new year, but this time with more details on implementation and provision. Now is the announcement for international markets, Xiaomi writes on his own blog. The so-called “Peer Streaming Alliance” now also interests people who buy Android smartphones from the manufacturers mentioned here.

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo: new file sharing function is rolled out globally

Xiaomi has already integrated the new technology into the new MIUI 11, which the popular manufacturer has been distributing to numerous of its own Android smartphones for some time. More precisely, the innovation can be found in the Mi Share application. Bottom line: the new feature is used for fast file sharing at the push of a button. Low power consumption, they say. No complicated device coupling, no complicated network connections. Everything happens automatically.

“With the new wireless file transfer system, users of these three brands can easily transfer files between their mobile devices without the need for third-party applications or network data. This system also supports a wide variety of files including photos, videos, music, documents and more ”.

The system connects the devices via Bluetooth and then via WLAN. An existing WLAN connection to the Internet should not be interrupted during direct file transfer. From today’s perspective, an average of 20 Mbit / s is definitely possible for streaming.

“For example, sharing photos on a different brand of smartphone is much more convenient: With file sharing enabled on both devices, all users have to do is press the Share button below one photo and select the other. and press Send. “

It would be great if other manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon too. Or Google basically addresses this issue for the Android OS.