Promoción de Xiaomi para nuevos clientes: reparaciones de pantalla gratuitas durante los primeros 6 meses

Xiaomi promotion for new customers: free screen repairs for the first 6 months

Xiaomi offers new smartphone customers from its own online store the possibility to repair the smartphone screen for the first six months free of charge.

We had already reported on the addition that new customers of the new Mi 10 (Pro) will receive a free screen repair. Xiaomi has a similar offer for even more customers if people opt for a new Xiaomi smartphone from the manufacturer’s online store. Xiaomi provides information about this nice detail in the fine print about the current Mi Fan Festival campaign, which is available through the manufacturer’s German online store. Anyway, there are currently very attractive prices on many Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi repairs the screen for new customers for free

“Consumers between April 1, 2020 and April 12, 2020 purchased a smartphone (“Product”) offered on during the first six (6) months After purchase, right to a one-time free repair service (1) at the local Xiaomi Service Center if the screen of the above products is damaged or defective due to an unintentional act of the consumer (such as an accidental fall of the product). Such Screen repair is free and, if necessary, it also includes a free screen replacement ”. – Xiaomi

As described, the screen repair is free for you for the first six months after purchasing the smartphone. Of course, it would be more rewarding if there was no harm in the first place.