El nuevo Xiaomi Mi 10 se convierte en un rompedor de precios con 5G, nos llega Asus Zenfone 7, primera imagen del OnePlus 8T

Xiaomi seems to have copied Google’s astrophotography, and more

Xiaomi intends to deliver in the area of ​​the cameras of its smartphones soon, the new functions are already known before publication.

Xiaomi also wants to be able to offer the best features for its Android smartphones. Of course, this also means that the camera of the more expensive devices can offer much more. Google impressed last year with a new camera mode that brings us stars from the sky. The night sky, including stars, the moon and the Milky Way, can be photographed with the compact smartphone. Xiaomi is developing a comparable camera mode, which should also be able to do this.

Long exposure creates great effects

Already today, in a teardown of the firmware and current applications, what the new Xiaomi camera mode wants to offer. So it not only serves to take pictures of the starry sky, but also allows painting with light, silky water and similar motifs through long-term lighting. As with the competition, the software recommends that the smartphone be completely immobilized with a tripod. Some text modules reveal the planned options.

We hope that the new feature will be available through MIUI 12. Not all devices may be supported, but only smartphones with higher quality cameras. Xiaomi has not yet made an official statement, but it is known that it continues to work hard to optimize the already released MIUI 12.

Google now under pressure to act

By the way, it would be good if at some point Google also allows more to be able to photograph something other than the starry sky with a long exposure. It is currently only possible with cheats, as the special camera mode is only available if the software automatically recognizes the scene. Let’s see what could come with the Google Pixel 5.