Yeelight: la marca de LED inteligentes de Xiaomi comienza con nosotros

Yeelight: Xiaomi’s smart LED brand starts with us

Yeelight starts in Germany, the brand known for Xiaomi already has a German branch and a German online store.

Yeelight is the name of a well-known brand in the Xiaomi ecosystem that has now officially launched in Germany. In 2014, the company, which was founded two years earlier, joined the Xiaomi ecosystem and has been an integral part of it ever since. This year Yeelight Deutschland GmbH was founded so that its own smart home products can be sold in Germany and Europe. There is already its own online store with prices in euros.

Yeelight: smart LEDs and other lamps

  • Smart LED filament for € 24.99
  • 1S Smart LED Lamp for € 29.99
  • 1S White Smart LED Lamp for € 15.99
  • Desk lamp pleasing to the eye for € 16.99
  • Glass pendant lamp for € 160
  • Candela ambient light for € 50.99
  • Aurora Lightstrip Plus for € 44.99
  • Night light sensor for plug for € 9.98
  • Galaxy LED ceiling lamp for € 139.99
  • and much more …

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