"si" en el corte de pelo corto: Fuera con la melena de ballena - ¡hola descarada y sexy!

"yes" On the Short Haircut: Out with the Whale Mane – hello cheeky and sexy!

"yes" On the Short Haircut: Out with the Whale Mane - hello cheeky and sexy!

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What lady does not know, the recurring question about a radical change of type? Especially after separations, after moving house, before a new job, or just when a woman no longer feels so attractive, she often feels the need to make a drastic change. Almost aggressively, it burns the brain and increases the yearning for something new. But usually even the greatest desire for change is enough for the tip cut at the salon or some crazy light shades in the hair. Why don’t you dare to change your look completely? The stars do too and they look fabulous with their hairstyles. In our photo show, we show you which famous women with short hair definitely look better than with long hair.

What feels like 99.9 percent of men are more attracted to women with long hair. Apparently it was actually necessary for sex symbols like Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Rihanna and, more recently, Pamela Anderson to say goodbye to their long hair, for men to also enjoy the characteristic look of strong women.

What men and women like

Men love natural hair colors, long hair, and big waves. But why should women always pay attention to men’s preferences? There is enough evidence of how sexy, versatile, and above all how strong short hairstyles are. Also, short hair does not always have to look the same, on the contrary, it is a true artist of change. Extravagant, classy or cool – everything is possible with a little gel and skill. Long hair, on the other hand, is often only hung or styled into an updo from time to time. Not only do all trend predictions recommend short bobs, undercuts, or pixie looks, but our taste tends to get creative with scissors too. Still, many women fear that men’s attention will wane because a pixie cut looks too androgynous.

In fact, it can happen that you suddenly approach completely different types. So you may no longer greet the friendly gentlemen at the construction site with a shrill hiss in the morning, but your boss may suddenly take your suggestions much more seriously. With short hair, you appear more expressive and are therefore also rated as more competent. In the worst case, however, it can also happen that your friend greets you after visiting the hairdresser with the words “With long hair you looked more beautiful.” But just stand on it.

The right shortcut

When it comes to the question of “removing hair”, the correct cut for the shape of the face is important. Round-faced women rarely dare to cut off the most precious, as short hair is said to accentuate their round face. Quite a sham, because there is a short haircut suitable for all women.

Oval faces, for example, can use any shortcut – their face is suitable for every hat, sunglasses, cap, and every haircut. Give it a try, the cheeky pixie style will look particularly cool on you too. However, women with round faces should keep their hair a little longer in the neck area, as this will stretch the face. If, on the contrary, the face is quite angular, the short hairstyles should not be too short. Make sure the hair in the front section falls to the chin. Then do everything right. The steps also look great on you and give your distinctive face more feminine curves. Especially women with heart-shaped faces can rely on the stylish graphic and asymmetrical cuts. And what you should definitely pay attention to is that your short hairstyle is in a bold color. This suits short cuts well and expresses the cut better.

Hollywood style

Let’s start right away with a very simple list of those women who have dared to cut. Names that make it clear that with cut hair has not lost sex appeal: Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Coco Rocha, Michelle Williams and Emma Watson are She has separated from her feminine whale mane and has become a powerful and sexy woman.

When Pamela Anderson, the quintessential sex symbol, parted with her blonde mane, many thought it was a joke. It has even been speculated that Pam only wanted to provoke gossip with a short hair wig. But of all people, the former Baywatch mermaid really parted ways with her trademark. The result was an extremely stylish look that gave her a completely new image and made her a few years younger. Pam couldn’t have made a better decision, even if she initially fell out with herself: “At first I thought it would look like a cotton swab, but now I feel more expressive. My friend is wonderful, he said, ‘You know, some women cut their hair and it makes it look more masculine, but it just makes you look more feminine. I also thought it would be strange to have sex with short hair, but I’ve gotten used to it. “Pamela Anderson told the magazine Elbow In an interview. We think Pam looks better than ever with short hair.

Still not 100% convinced by the short look? We will help you on the jumps and provide decision support on the “short hair or pinch” question with a strong: Go short! Perhaps you will also convince the stars of our photo show, who definitely look better with short hair than with long hair.

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