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Yoga: this is how it works!

Laura shows you in the video salute the sun. The sun salutation excites you Blood circulation power up make one beautiful complexion and one fantastic body. Also, long ago funny.

Stand in one with your feet together Yoga mat. Lift the piece up. The arms are next to the body. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Now press the Post far back, stretch them out poor and squeeze your hands.

As you exhale you take it Hands down. Stretch that legs as well as you can and let head hang up.

Now you stretch that right leg far behind, the Look point forward and exhale again. Now you stretch that left leg Also back so that the feet are hip-width apart.

the Post you go far and he head you let it hang. Then inhale again and press the Back Ahead. the belly is firm, push your heels back and squeeze yours Body in as a table.

Now exhale again and push the Post up. the Look heads down. Now inhale and pull it right foot again very forward to the hands. Exhale again and the left foot park next to the one on the right. the hands stay on the ground. You lean forward, the head it’s hard.

Finally you inhale again and put the Post far behind. Yours poor you stretch back that hands you squeeze and look ahead.

At the end, breathe out again and stop. the poor You let it sink in again

Now you’re back in the Initial position and can exercise start again.

Do you want more about him Yoga theme know and more Exercises to learn? Then learn yoga with Mä and the 4 yoginis!