Tu eres importante para mi…

You are important to me…

You are important to me…

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… Isn’t that a pretty expression? “You are close to my heart”, behind this for me there is so much security, warmth and closeness. The heart, the seat of the soul, the symbol of love and family. When our heir to the throne was still a very small mini-monarch, he often couldn’t find a way to sleep alone at night. Then he called us and asked us: “Mom, Dad, listen to your heart.” Then he snuggled very close to our chest and listened to the sound of our hearts until he could fall asleep peacefully. Don’t babies hear their mother’s constant heartbeat in the womb? It’s no wonder it’s for slightly older kids too. radiates a sense of security and calm.

Warmth, closeness, protection – these little things are so incredibly important to children that they can never get enough or even too much of them. For me, wearing clothes is a wonderful opportunity to give my children exactly that, no matter how hectic and stressful everyday life can be. When I use it I take this beautiful saying literally “My son is close to my heart.” Her little head is close to my chest, she’s warm and protected, and she can hear the soothing sound of my heart.

Sound too cheesy to you? Using it also has advantages for less romantic mothers. You have your hands free for housework, shopping or just for your older siblings. Parents with a child in their arms can even save on buying a stroller, a seesaw or a playground. A cloth or a stretcher can perform exactly these functions. On the go as a light means of transport (which by the way does not require a parking space), as a relief for the arms when the baby has teeth, sick or simply needs a little closer than usual and as “storage” when both hands are needed. Practical, right?

The heir to the throne was a cuddly boy from birth and was carried from A to B. He didn’t want a handkerchief back then, it was more for these spelled cookie mothers. Until our vacation on the beach, because then the young man needed a suitable means of transport. A stroller was not an option in the sand, it was still too small for the hand cart, so a baby carrier (as I don’t know today, so good) moved in with us. From then on I was convinced and assumed a lot in front of Throni’s little brother since he was born.

As you know, Throni’s brother came in a double pack. Well, it’s a shame, it is not possible to have twins. I thought about it at first. I googled a lot and found a lot of crap, but also some very useful YouTube videos that showed me that it can work.


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Admittedly, it takes a bit of practice and it is a lot of effort to push the little twin onto your back for the first time, but it’s worth it! The load limit is probably reached faster with two sons than with a singleton (they weigh twice as much), which is why it is so important to feel the closeness of the mother as well and especially for the twins. Many twins are premature babies. Not only for parents sometimes they feel taken by surprise, for children it is also a shock to be already in the world, when you would have loved to snuggle into your mother’s stomach. Carrying it close to your heart will bring you a little time that you can cuddle together. Having twins more often makes it necessary to have your hands free, especially when there are older siblings. A cloth can also be used as a privacy screen and prevents strangers’ fingers from sticking to your babies and asking “Are those twins?

I liked to carry Jeanne D’Arc and Madame Pompadour in a shawl, the heir to the throne in a sturdy luggage rack. I’ve been looking for something new for our Sun King. It’s not that easy, because it should be as comfortable as a scarf, as easy to put on as a stretcher, look elegant, and not cost a fortune. A woolly milk sow that lays eggs, but I’ve found gold!

Our Sun King is now a good 4 months old and has been laying in his stroller exactly twice, the rest of the time he makes himself comfortable in his cozy Hop-Tye Conversion. The Hop-Tye can be imagined as a hybrid; made of shoulder strap fabric but with a pre-made front that easily adjusts to the baby. Particularly practical for me, the positions can be easily adjusted with straps and laces, there are no buckles or Velcro closures to interfere. The sides can be gathered together to form a comfortable bag in which the child can sit in an anatomically correct position.

Hop-Tye conversion is suitable for smaller and larger carriers, the attached hood can be rolled up and used as an additional headrest for newborns. The design was not unimportant to me, because Mr. Baron also likes to wear and, as a passionate wearer, has raised “subtle objections” to kitsch glitter unicorn patterns. Hoppediz is a very classic family business with an extraordinary history and high quality standards. The fabrics come from controlled cotton farming, parts of the range even come from organic farming and various certificates from the ÖKO-Test Foundation, the teachers from the IG der back school, the TÜV / GS and the recommendations of the midwives speak for themselves. alone. And not only that, I knew Hoppediz as an exceptionally friendly and committed manufacturer. There are several binding instructions available for download, there are online and personal tips on use and products, and the contact was always pleasant and particularly helpful.

Wearing it is a lot of fun and it can also be easy and since you are particularly important to us, we would like to bring you closer to use. Win a twin carrier set with Hoppediz and us, consisting of a high-quality carrier and a carrier in modern ‘Aberdeen’ design. You can use it to carry your twins at the same time from birth or separately. And for the expectant moms among you, the sling can also be used as a birthing loop in the delivery room and will accompany you even before your little treasures are born.

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