"¡Tienes que hacer eso!": Entrevista FILMSTARTS también "Ant-Man ”con Michael Douglas, Michael Peña y el director Peyton Reed

"You have to do that!": FILMSTARTS interview also "Ant-Man ”with Michael Douglas, Michael Peña and director Peyton Reed

We met Oscar winner Michael Douglas, “End Of Watch” star Michael Peña and director Peyton Reed in London for an exclusive “Ant-Man” interview.

Michael Douglas has become a legend with movies like “Basic Instinct” and “Wall Street”! By the way, I wouldn’t have thought that it would be possible for him to act in a Marvel movie again at the age of 70. In an interview, he tells us why he still accepted for “Ant-Man” (Theatrical Release: July 23, 2015):

Did you get a taste? Then take a look at the trailer: