Tu horóscopo anual 2018

Your annual horoscope 2018


Saturn will challenge your love life in 2018. When you are in a relationship, you have to give a lot to keep the momentum going. Dare to take new paths and don’t let your relationship stop you from doing the things you really want to do. In January there is practically an ice age – in February and March Mars and Uranus again offer more joy and especially in March it is very tingling thanks to Venus. You finally get along better with your partner and single girls get closer to their crush. From the beginning of April to mid-May there can still be tensions; must be considered. But there will be great love from mid-May to fall! Thanks to Mars, a summer full of romantic dates and joie de vivre awaits you. Daily decisions are now easier for you and your partner. In November, Jupiter gives you an extra helping of positive energy. You realize: everything cannot always work in harmony, but commitments are the beginning and the end of love. The following applies to singles: As a fiery Aries, things can’t go fast enough for you. But in early 2018 he gets easily frustrated – he tends to reflect on past disappointments and follow an old crush. It better be so! You have until May to change your mind. Until then, you will still have a lot of fun. Especially in February and March there are great opportunities for palpitations, flirting and love. Between April and May it can happen that Mars depresses your mood. Forget about the boys, get together with your girls and don’t expect miracles. In summer you have both planets of love on your side: Venus and Mars ensure that you unexpectedly meet someone very special. There’s a lot of fun again in the fall – starting in November, a mysterious stranger will make you daydream.

School and pocket money

Like Aries, you are a true fighter and crisis manager! These properties are just what you need, because in 2018 Saturn will really challenge your endurance. In March you are particularly creative and have ideas that baffle everyone. During this time, you can really earn points, especially in German, art, and music lessons. You get along very well with your colleagues, especially in spring. At school you do not shy away from complicated tasks and you always do your best. At the end of the summer, the community of the class begins to feel restless: there is an argument with some classmates and it is difficult for you to give in. School work will also get increasingly strenuous in the new school year after summer break. In 2018, Saturn recommends calm, wait, it’s worth it! Then Uranus will give you great ideas and a better learning atmosphere in the fall. When it comes to pocket money, when you buy expensive things, think twice about whether it makes sense to sacrifice your savings for them. Don’t rush to make decisions. Still, it looks good for your wallet this year. In the spring you can get great bargains and those looking for a small part-time job now have a good chance. In summer you get abundant gifts, only in autumn you have to be careful: you tend to adopt a luxurious lifestyle and you don’t really think about whether you really need what you have bought.

Health & Fitness

You are used to being one of the top flyers when it comes to sports and therefore you are also quite optimistic about the new year. In 2018, however, you should also focus on rest and relaxation. But that does not mean that your energy reserves are empty. You should use your strength with more determination. At the beginning of the year, Mars offers a lot of power for winter sports and long walks in the snow. Thanks to Venus, things are looking great in March when it comes to beauty: masks, creams and relaxing baths will make you shine. You got a little lazy in May. However, a peak of performance awaits you in June. To avoid a sports injury, you should not overload yourself. If you are new to sports, now you will want to try something new. Relaxation is the order of the day in summer. Swimming and cycling are enough for you now. A new fitness rush awaits you in the fall. Also, you want to eat healthier. At the end of the year, you will do it more easily than usual.