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Your mobile phone goes with you: 10 GB rate for only € 10 (can be canceled monthly)

Other service providers are offering an extremely attractive smartphone rate over Christmas, offering 10GB of data volume for € 10 per month.

Another service provider offers a smartphone tariff with a data volume of 10 GB for only € 10 per month. After had already revived the offer after Black Friday, DeinHandy is now doing the same and also offers such an attractive rate during the Christmas period. “LTE 10 GB Flex” is the name of the offering. The name already reveals another advantage. The rate does not have a long-term contract and can therefore be canceled on a monthly basis. All additional details below or you can click your way directly to the rate.

10 for 10: smartphone fees

  • 10 GB data volume
  • LTE 50, Telefónica network
  • Allnet flat rate for telephony and SMS
  • EU roaming flat rate
  • Monthly: € 9.99
  • Unique (hardware, AP, shipping): € 0.00
  • can be canceled monthly
  • € 10 bonus for number portability

Unfortunately, we do not know during what period the offer is available. Probably only at Christmas, so only for a very short period of time. That’s why it pays to be quick.

Great rate offer: just € 10 for a 10GB LTE data volume