Tu madre debería ser tu mejor amiga, dice un estudio

Your mother should be your best friend, study says

Why is the mother-daughter relationship so important?

the Researchers from the “Journal of Neuroscience” have discovered that mother and daughter brains are genetically programmed in such a way that they can empathize very well with each other.. So your mom feels immediately when you feel bad, but also the other way around. “The connection between mother-daughter was significantly greater than the associations of mother-son, father-daughter and father-son”the researchers said. “The uniqueness of our study is that we were the first to evaluate the entire family and examine parents and children to see how similar their brain networks are.”

How well do you get along with your mother? Can you find out here?

There is a book on the mother-daughter relationship.

Do you think now that all this is very implausible? Not at all, because there is even a book about this special relationship between mother and daughter. Author Dr. Christiane Northrup is absolutely convinced that there can be no stronger bond than that between a mother and her daughter. “The mother-daughter relationship is the strongest bond in the world, for better or for worse. Set the stage for all other relationshipswrites in his book entitled Mother-Daughter Wisdom. “The way a woman sees herself, what she is like in her adult relationships with her partners and how she takes care of her children is greatly influenced by her relationship with her own mother.”