Samsung sube el listón de las actualizaciones de Android

Your phone: exchange files between smartphone and PC, only for Samsung at the moment

Samsung raises the bar for Android updates

Microsoft and Samsung are simplifying file sharing between smartphones and PCs. Your phone will soon allow drag and drop over WiFi.

Microsoft and Samsung have had a special relationship for a long time. This is also demonstrated by a new feature in Microsoft’s “Your Phone” application. A few days ago there was a new feature in the Insider program with which we can easily exchange files between Android smartphones and Windows PCs. In Germany, the Play Store application is now called “Companion for your smartphone – Link to Windows”. Big name, don’t.

File sharing between smartphone and PC is much easier

“Save yourself an email by seamlessly dragging and dropping files between your Android phone and your PC. We are pleased to announce that the new drag and drop functionality is available to our Windows Insider community. “

This new feature is still experimental, but generally it should be available to all users in the future. Files are transferred over WiFi, so both devices must be on the same network. Up to 100 files go at the same time, up to 500MB per file.

The advantage of such a solution is that the devices do not have to be connected to each other in a complicated way every time. Recently, some manufacturers worked on similar functions, but mainly to share files with other people’s devices.