"Juventud sin Dios": Estreno de tráiler y póster de la adaptación cinematográfica de la novela con Jannis Niewöhner y Emilia Schüle

"Youth without God": Premiere of trailer and poster of the film adaptation of the novel with Jannis Niewöhner and Emilia Schüle

“Youth without God” is a famous novel by the writer Ödön von Horváth from 1937. Now his work has been filmed in a futuristic setting and we are presenting the premieres of the trailer and the poster.

In the near future, society will be divided into sectors and elites will be isolated from the rest of the population for their own protection. A senior class travels with their teacher (Fahri Yardım) to a camp where the wheat must be separated from the chaff and only the best students have a chance to enter a world-renowned university. During their entire stay, they are constantly monitored by a tracking device under their skin. Zach (Jannis Niewöhner) is one of the students and is eager to get a place at the university. But when he illegally linked up with Ewa (Emilia Schüle), a so-called illegitimate, in the woods, he unleashed a flurry of events that were inexorably heading toward catastrophe. Then a classmate is found dead …

Director Alain Gspose (“Heidi”) and screenwriters Alex Buresch (“Polizeiruf 110”) and Matthias Pacht (“Tatort”) adapted Ödön von Horváth’s novel of the same name for “Jugend ohne Gott.” The template appeared in 1937 and only a year later the Nazi regime included it in the “list of harmful and undesirable literature.” For the film adaptation, the plot moved to the future and in front of the camera are Yardım, Niewöhner and Schüle, among others, Anna Maria Mühe (“My blind date with life”), Jannik Schümann (“Half the world” ) and Alicia von Rittberg (“Charité”) to see.

“Youth without God” will begin on August 31, 2017.