Deberíamos esperarlo: Samsung está planeando un modelo Galaxy S20 más barato

YouTube and Spotify Premium Free for Select Samsung Smartphones

We should expect it: Samsung is planning a cheaper Galaxy S20 model

For various Galaxy smartphone models, Samsung offers premium access to Spotify and YouTube for up to 6 months at no charge.

Samsung is offering a new campaign via the Members app, thanks to which multiple buyers of the latest Galaxy smartphones can enjoy premium content for free. The promotion is only available for select devices where you can use YouTube and Spotify premium services for free for 2-6 months. Spotify Premium is even available for free to customers with Galaxy S20 and Z Flip for a full 6 months – save $ 60.

Samsung customers get popular premium internet services for longer for free

YouTube Premium is free for 2 or 4 months. For the main current smartphones of course 4 months, for the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series from the previous year it is still 2 months. “You must include the country-specific code” DBT “,” DTM “or” DCO “in Settings -> Phone information -> Software information -> Vendor software version. Only then can you access the free offer ”.

If you do not want to stay on the ball any longer, you must give advance notice. With comparable services, the latter is always at the end of the month.

The campaign must be available through the member app, which must be pre-installed on their Samsung smartphones.