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YouTube browser version now works better on mobile touch devices

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YouTube has revealed what new features are hidden in the web version, but you may have come across one of them.

YouTube has revealed which features are hidden in the latest version of the web version, but you may have come across one of them. They’re actually pretty handy – gestures can now also be used in the browser on a touch device to move the player with a swipe up to full screen or a swipe down to the mini player.

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At the same time, the “scrolling experience” is said to have been smeared and the icons have been enlarged so that you can tap them better with your fingers. Last but not least, the three-point mobile menu was added, with which you actually have to move the cursor over the video. This allows access to the buttons “I’m not interested” and “Add to” See later “”.

This old playlist feature is back

The other updates don’t just affect touch devices. Watch history should be better sorted by date so that it is clear at a glance which video was viewed on which day. Also, videos can now be moved up or down in playlists with one click. That was possible in the past, but has since been ruled out according to the statements themselves. To be honest, I haven’t missed it so far.

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In the “Fixes” section, the changelog reads pretty fast – thumbnails sometimes mysteriously disappeared in playlists, which has now been fixed. Finally, the mini-player no longer covers important elements of the user interface.