YouTube: el truco hace que la publicidad desaparezca por completo

YouTube is finally integrating timestamps directly into the player’s timeline

YouTube: the trick makes advertising disappear completely

YouTube videos have supported timestamps (skip marks) for a long time, only the player’s timeline has not yet. That is finally changing.

In recent years, more and more YouTubers have also worked with timestamps and included them in the description of their own videos. This allowed longer videos to be divided into chapters. YouTube now seems to offer a new way, initially for users. As early users noted, stored timestamps can now also be viewed directly through the player. Which is, of course, the much more logical place, because that’s what the timeline is ultimately for.

YouTube Expands Timestamp Features

So far, the feature, which is not yet available to all users, has extracted the timestamp from the description of the videos. Visible on the timeline at line breaks, each of which represents a timestamp. It is not yet clear if Google will offer a timestamp feature for YouTube Creator in the future, rendering the previous workaround obsolete.

If the innovation is available to you, it will look like this:

I have installed a newer YouTube app long ago than my colleagues, but I still can’t see the new timeline for timestamped videos. Google had put skip marks / timestamps on Google search some time ago.

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