Aplicaciones: WhatsApp obtiene pegatinas animadas, Facebook obtiene el modo oscuro y las extensiones de Firefox 3

YouTube moves the comment column, OnePlus Launcher with new multitasking

Apps: WhatsApp gets animated stickers, Facebook gets dark mode and Firefox 3 extensions

OnePlus brings the latest innovations to the OnePlus 8, such as the new multitasking menu in its own launcher. Meanwhile, YouTube moved the comment column.

Two very interesting app news were quickly summed up, because YouTube for Android has a controversial innovation and the OnePlus Launcher has a new multitasking menu. Let’s start with YouTube, which is now moving the comment section to a new position. Until now, you had to scroll down, comments could only be found in the Android app below the video recommendations. Not in a new variant anymore.

Now test how users accept it when comments can be opened much closer to the video by pressing a button. At first glance, you can see a supposedly randomly selected comment and the number of comments. Only after clicking on it does the full comment column open. I find it a lot less annoying than having to scroll down. What do you say?

According to XDA, Google is testing this innovation from the YouTube app 15.14.33. You will see how the interaction changes and only then will you implement the innovation for everyone or just let it be.

OnePlus Launcher gets a new multitasking menu

The decision to give your own launcher a revised menu for multitasking is more firmly established. In any case, OnePlus has already done it, starting with version 4.4.2 of the launcher application pre-installed on their own smartphones. The display of the icons of the most recently used applications leaves a clear impression on me, these small changes will surely be touted for the OnePlus 8.