Pronto terminado: Google está cerrando su antiguo servicio de música

YouTube Music – Seamless Playback Available to Everyone

Soon finished: Google is shutting down its old music service

Breathless through music albums on YouTube Music. The music streaming service now offers seamless music album playback.

Two months ago, the first YouTube Music users were able to report that the playback is now uninterrupted or perfect. Now the innovation should be available to almost all users, according to an official YouTube Music announcement. Hassle-free means there are no more audible interruptions while playing multiple songs. Essential for playing some music albums.

YouTube Music: playback is now breathless

We are happy to announce the perfect playback on YouTube Music. Now when you listen to an album on YouTube Music, each track leads to the next without interruptions for a continuous, high-quality listening experience. Listening to your favorite albums has never been better! This update is currently only available to our premium members on Android or on the web, and will be available on iOS soon.