Pronto terminado: Google está cerrando su antiguo servicio de música

YouTube Music: user uploads are getting closer and closer

Soon finished: Google is shutting down its old music service

Google is beginning to integrate YouTube Music so that users can upload music to the cloud themselves and access it at any time.

Google currently uses two different music services. But in the long run, the latest version of YouTube Music is likely to replace Google Play Music, which is pretty poorly maintained. However, one or the other function is still missing, such as the possibility of uploading your own music to the cloud and accessing it. Google has its own cloud and vigorously promotes it among users, for example for Google Photos and of course for documents via Google Drive.

YouTube Music: Google will soon integrate music innovations in the cloud

Still, there is new evidence that Google could deliver in this area. 9to5Google had broken down the current version of the app (teardown) and found new text modules there. Something is happening. Colleagues say Google is currently laying the foundations for such innovations. It will undoubtedly be weeks or even months before availability.

In the so-called disassembly, the source code of a current version of the application is analyzed. Text modules and other information about new features often appear at an early stage. At this time, however, it is rarely possible to say when and if the innovations that have been discovered will actually be available to users.