Pronto terminado: Google está cerrando su antiguo servicio de música

YouTube Music will soon replace Google Play Music: transferable music

Google now provides slightly more detailed information on when Google Play Music will end. YouTube Music is the successor to downloadable music.

Google has planned a transition this year. In the case of your own music services, the aging offering will pass through the digital Jordan in the long run. Google is cutting Play Music. The successor is YouTube Music newer. Google now provides more detailed information on how users can transfer their music from the old service to the new one. Google has not only published a text as a guide. But also a video with the visual representation of the necessary work steps.

For now, users still have access to both services. We want to make sure everyone has time to stream their content and get used to YouTube Music. Therefore, we will point out in due course that users will no longer have access to Google Play Music later this year.

Google Play Music will be unavailable this year.

What is transmitted:

  • Your Google Play Music library, including:
    • Your titles uploaded and purchased
    • Own playlists and many channels.
    • Albums and songs in the media library
  • Your “Like” and “Dislike” ratings
  • Your subscription payment information (if you currently have a Google Play Music subscription)

The existing prices are the same between Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Fans can enjoy the ad-supported version of YouTube Music for free or YouTube Music Premium, a paid membership that gives listeners basic information, downloads, and an ad-free experience for $ 9.99 a month. Or you can try YouTube Premium to expand ad-free background playback and offline playback on YouTube for $ 11.99.

You can read here how the transfer of your music works.