YouTuber muestra el primer teléfono inteligente Android después de comprarlo en Ebay

YouTuber Shows First Android Smartphone After Buying It On Ebay

Before the Android market launch, Google had developed a smartphone prototype with HTC, which suddenly reappeared. For example in a video.

A few days ago we reported on the offer of eBay from the USA, in which you could buy several prototypes of what was actually the first Android smartphone. A well-known colleague couldn’t help buying this rarity himself. This is the first Android smartphone, which, however, never appeared on the market. The device was not at the level of the iPhone released at the time. There was still a lot of technology that was really revolutionary back then and is now commercially available. That is why it is such an exciting device, because there should not be many copies.

The first Android smartphone in a detailed video

It had a mini screen without touch, only 2G for mobile internet, a 1.3 MP camera, a few megabytes of RAM, no WiFi module, and a physical keyboard like Blackberry. Take a look at the video. Because the colleague also makes his way through the extremely outdated but brand new software at the time.

Early history of Android

In public, the then “Google Sooner” only appeared in a Google video demo. At the time, it hadn’t occurred to Google that large capacitive touchscreens would be the real future. It was the first public video about Android and how the company was developing its own operating system for mobile devices. But not completely from scratch, the project was bought by and with Andy Rubin.

A lot happened before the final Android market launch. The “G1” from Google and HTC had a sliding keyboard, a touchscreen, and much more advanced hardware under the hood. With Google’s second phone, Android reached more to Europe, so the boy fell into the well and the story took its course.