Figuras de cera de YouTuber

YouTuber wax figures

YouTuber wax figures

Madame tussauds He seemed to be so excited about the two of them that they are now considering whether they will get a real wax figure. Owners will now be watching for about a year how often fans want a Bibi and Julian wax figure. Because both on the wax museum’s Facebook page and on the site, you can indicate from whom you would like to receive a wax figure.

Dagi, Bibi, Shirin or Melina: Which YouTuber would be your best friend?

There is also a logical reason why not everyone is displayed as a wax figure: a figure costs around 200,000 euros and the production is very complex. So if you want to see Bibi and Julian as wax figures, then you have to vote a lot for the two YouTubers. If Madame Tussauds sees that many of the two figures wish, production of the two wax figures could begin in a year.

YouTube stars like Zoella Y Alfie Deyes got a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in London. We are curious if Bibi and Julian will actually make it to the wax museum!

Bibi has her own cell phone! With voice messages from her and her own design: Bibi-Handy