La estrella más grande de YouTube está planeando un descanso más largo

YouTube’s biggest star is planning a longer hiatus

YouTube's biggest star is planning a longer hiatus

PewDiePie wants to take a hiatus for a while, the world famous YouTube launch announces a YouTube hiatus for next year on a first video.

A bit disappointing for both fans and Google. PewDiePie wants to take a longer break next year. It operates one of the largest YouTube channels in the world and today it has more than 100 million followers. In a highly criticized video about the latest YouTube changes, the star announced a hiatus for next year. Felix Kjelberg feels drained, at least he briefly suggests. A longer explanation should follow with another video.

PewDiePie feels exhausted

A star of his format doesn’t have to, but he does have plenty of other dates outside of the video platform. Also, a PewDiePie is unlikely to be able to walk out the front door without being recognized by fans. Last but not least, the many bigger and smaller scandals, due to very thoughtless statements, will affect even a person with so much media experience in the long run.