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YouTubes Troubled Kids: MontanaBlack sparks heated discussion with dog vs. woman comparison

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MontanaBlack sparks a heated discussion online because it makes questionable comparisons of the relationship between men and women.

With blogs, videos, and similar formats, anyone can rise to the top today. The Internet has opened many doors. We are grateful for that. A MontanaBlack will also appreciate it. A popular and controversial YouTuber and streamer, who in the recent past has regularly caused several scandals with his statements. It can be a big problem when people with such a wide range babble unfiltered on the internet. A few days ago, “Monte” returned to provide evidence.

In one of his Twitch streaming sessions, MontanaBlack spoke about relationships and similar topics. I myself had seen the video by chance last Sunday night, which a fan-operated YouTube channel posted as an excerpt on YouTube. MontanaBlack took the lead in explaining the relationship between men and women with the relationship between master and dog. Always keep the leash on, then the woman is satisfied and always comes back.

“Women are like dogs”

In essence, it was about the fact that partners should not follow or control each other at all times. Jealousy and things like that are not good for a relationship. Maybe he is right. But using such a metaphor for the relationship between man and woman is more than a misstep. Although I like Monte, I also have a big problem with the image that he superficially conveys to his young audience.

In the comments on Twitter and other networks, Monte naturally gets the support of his community. It is quite common, not only for him. His own love is not in doubt, as is the case with these “communities of influence.” But if you read the comments of women and girls about said video, there is little understanding of the metaphor used. Which is not really surprising.

Do platforms like YouTube have a problem with their money generators? I think so. In any case, many influencers and peers whose content repeatedly raises questions reach an extremely large audience through such easily accessible channels. Too easy?

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