Se supone que Zac Efron debe salir con una modelo

Zac Efron is supposed to date a model

Zac Efron is supposed to date a model

New relationship?

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After his short-term relationship with Michelle Rodriguez, Zac Efron is single again. The Hollywood heartthrob has fans en masse, but the 26-year-old seems reluctant to commit to a stable relationship. But now he’s supposed to meet Emily Ratajkowski, the nude model from Robin Thick’s “Blurred Lines” video.

Zac Efron is said to have recently …

Since his five-year relationship with Vanessa Hudgens ended in 2010, Zac Efron has lived as a permanent single. Although he recently became involved with Michelle Rodriguez, she is said to have ditched the ten-year-old Hollywood beauty after just two months, according to “Us Magazine.” Since then he has been calm again in Zac Efron’s love life. Although the “Bad Neighbors” actor can’t complain about the lack of female attention and scores of fans adore the smart actor, he just hasn’t found the right one for him. But that could have changed now: According to “Heat” magazine, Zac Efron recently began dating model Emily Ratajkowski. The attractive brunette is no stranger – she starred in Robin Thick’s hit video for “Blurred Lines.” In the uncensored version of the clip, the 23-year-old was even seen naked.

Zac Efron seeks a quiet relationship

… Beautiful quotes from Emily Ratajkowski.

Zac Efron is newly in love, according to “Heat” magazine. According to a source, Emily Ratajkowski should fit exactly into the 26-year-old’s prey scheme: “Emily has that exotic look that Zac loves, it really turns heads.” But the actor is not only impressed by his appearance. After his romance with Michelle Rodriguez, Zac Efron is looking for a long-lasting relationship that matches his easy-going nature. The source continues to report: “She works hard and is focused on her career, not parties like Michelle. Zac wanted to get some rest after their crazy romance and Emily gives him that. “ However, the two stars don’t want to rush into anything: “They take it easy.”Zac Efron lost his heart to Emily Ratajkowski. That the 23-year-old is sexy and has a lot to offer abroad, she already demonstrated in the clip of “Blurred Lines”. For Zac Efron, though, it’s probably even more that draws him to the model. You are granted a happy relationship, after all, you have had to endure some love disappointments in the past. Image Source 1: Getty Images / Kevin Winter Image Source 2: Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker