Zac Efron: Nueva película

Zac Efron: New Movie

Zac Efron: New Movie

Charlie (Zac efron

When he falls in love with the cheerful Tess, his life seems to be changing. But the more time he spends with her, the more his guilty conscience gnaws at him: he feels like he’s not keeping his promise to Sam. On a stormy day, Tess does not return from a boat trip. Charlie realizes that he has an important decision to make. Only when you are ready to deal with the past can you begin your future. A tragic race against time begins.

With a lot of feeling, magic and humor, this film is perfect for a pleasant evening at the cinema, but be careful: don’t forget your tissues! The film “Como por un miracle” will open in Germany on October 7th. Who doesn’t want to wait any longer: The book (“As by a miracle”, by Ben Sherwood, approx. 8 euros) of the film is now available for purchase.

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