Zac Efron también saldría con chicas "normales"

Zac Efron would also date “normal” girls

Zac Efron would also date girls "normal"

You are looking for love!

Good news for all fans of actor Zac Efron: the Hollywood twink is apparently not just looking for a new love within the celebrity scene. Even normal women apparently have opportunities with him.

Zac Efron is looking for a great love

Who would have thought that? On Monday, TMZ reporters caught Zac Efron at the Los Angeles airport and spoke immediately about his love life. When asked “Would you ever date a normal person?” The “Baywatch” star replied calmly, “Yes, of course.” The reporter asked incredulously, but Zac Efron was adamant: “Why not?” he asked with a smile.

Zac Efron can call quite a few female fans his own, after all, the well-trained actor shines over and over again with great movie roles like in “High School Musical”, “Dirty Grandpa” or “Happy New Year”. Despite his success in front of the camera, it just doesn’t seem to work for Zac Efron when it comes to love – the mime recently even admitted to using the dating app Tinder. But here, too, he apparently had no luck: no one slipped right for him.

Bad luck in love?

In the past, Zac Efron dated several attractive famous women: 2010 was the end of his film colleague Vanessa Hudgens. This was followed by a two-year relationship with Sami Miró, the couple separated in May of this year. The boyfriend probably didn’t want to clean himself up afterwards, because at a press conference in Los Angeles for his movie “Bad Neighbors” he said: “Try to find what really motivates you, find what you love and do your best to find it. Something to look for “.

We can’t understand why Zac Efron is still single. If we ran into him on Tinder, we would have done it right away. However, we cross our fingers that the 28-year-old will soon find a new love.

Image Source: Getty Images / Gregg DeGuire