Zac se divierte en un bar gay

Zac has fun in a gay bar

Zac has fun in a gay bar

Perez Hilton spotted Zac efron (23) at the gay bar “The Abbey” in Hollywood and immediately spread the news on his celebrity blog. “That’s not a joke!”he wrote. Zac was apparently there with some girls and he seemed to be having a lot of fun. Rumors that Zac Efron was gay have been around since the HSM hottie first appeared on screen. Has Perez Hilton now provided the proof?

+ + Love-confused-war with Vanessa Hudgens + +

Gay or not: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens apparently can’t do without each other. After visiting each other several times recently, the two became close at a party. “They were touching and kissing the whole time”said a witness aloud People.

+ + Gained 8 kg and also regrets the short rasp cut + +

Chubby and Unattractive: And all that for a role in a movie! Because he’s in his new movie “The fortunate” plays a soldier, he had to look stronger: 8 kg landed on his hips, according to Zac. And of course, the military haircut should not be missing, his typical Zac mane had to believe in him. In front of ME! Online now she revealed that she totally missed her hair and would like to get it back right away. Well, Zac will have to wait a little longer …

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