Zanessa: Separación

Zanessa: Separation

Zanessa: Separation

“They were together for so long. They have distanced themselves. They still talk to each other and remain friends. No drama, no adventure, they just grew. “, informs a source to the American magazine People.

Separation without drama

Vanessa Hudgens (22) and Zac Efron (23) fell in love on the set of “High School Musical” and had a scandal-free relationship, even talking about a wedding. After four years, they should have parted ways by mutual agreement.

Everyday life has caught up with them

Perhaps the great love became everyday life, along with very little time for each other. After all, Zac Efron is in front of the camera in New Orleans for “The Lucky One,” Vanessa Hudgens is filming the movie “Journey 2” in Hawaii.

Especially bitter: today Vanessa Hudgens celebrates her 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday!

Too bad, Zanessa was a dream couple! Here you can find the most beautiful pictures of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. What do you think of the breakup?