Zattoo: Premium está empeorando, Ultimate está mejorando

Zattoo: Premium is getting worse, Ultimate is getting better

Zattoo: Premium is getting worse, Ultimate is getting better

Zattoo is shortening features for premium clients, but improving the Ultimate package.

Zattoo is making various adjustments for paid packages. Premium customers will no longer be able to accept. For me personally, a little slap, because soon we will only be able to record with an Ultimate subscription. This is much cheaper and is now available for only € 13.99. For the complete package, Ultimate becomes almost essential.

Zattoo wants more Ultimate subscribers

Zattoo doesn’t want to increase the price of the premium package, so features are being removed. This is intended to offset the high licensing costs of the broadcasters on offer. The more features there are for Ultimate customers, Zattoo told reporters.

With a total of more than 40 Full HD channels, Zattoo offers users with the definitive subscription the best picture quality currently available on the German broadcast TV market. Using up to four streams in parallel, Ultimate is also attractive to families and households who want to stream at the same time. Other benefits include 100 recordings, EU-wide streaming, and a large selection of devices that can be used to stream Zattoo, whether it’s at home, mobile, or on the go. Additionally, Ultimate users can now record shows from ProSieben, Sat.1, and Kabel eins.

Information for premium customers

The following things will change for you on June 1, 2020: • Recordings are no longer possible with Zattoo Premium. • Existing recordings are no longer available to you. • Additional recording memory (“Recordings Plus” package) is only available with the Ultimate subscription.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether and how Waipu will react.