Zayn Malik: ¿No se va a casar este verano?

Zayn Malik: Aren’t you getting married this summer?

Just postponed?

wanted05/26/2015 | 16:58

Since leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik finally has plenty of opportunities to hang out with his fiancee Perrie Edwards. The fact that the two appeared at the altar this summer seemed in the eyes of many fans to be just a matter of form. But now the two seem to want to take a little more time with the bond for life. At least Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards don’t have a specific wedding date in their journals …

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards leave no doubt that saying goodbye to One Direction is really good for them. The two lovebirds keep posting new sweet snapshots on their social media accounts that seem to confirm their great love. Despite these wonderful feelings, the two of them seem to want to take their time to take the next step. An impending wedding at least isn’t at the top of the dream couple’s priority list right now. “I don’t know when the wedding will take place,” revealed Perrie Edwards, who has been in a relationship with Zayn Malik since 2012, to the tabloid “The Sun”. “We’re still planning it, but with Black Magic coming out, I’m very busy with Little Mix.”

Zayn Malik: when do you take Perrie Edwards as a wife?

But it shouldn’t be forever until Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards finally enter the harbor of marriage. Instead, the two of them just wait until they have enough time to plan the most beautiful day of their lives together. “Zayn and I want it to be perfect. So we will plan the wedding as soon as you have time. I doubt it’s this summer, but I’ll let you know, ”Perrie Edwards continued. When the wedding bells will finally ring for Zayn Malik and thus he will still be in the stars.

Zayn Malik cooks for his beloved

However, Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are in no rush to get married. After all, the two are already enjoying their life together to the fullest, especially as the teenage love is finally home for a longer period of time after their split from One Direction. “It’s good to see him more often now,” Perrie Edwards enthused about her new life, in which she let Zayn Malik pamper her with every trick in the book: “We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. He is a great cook. “

After leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik seems to have finally found his personal happiness, with or without a marriage certificate. At just 22 years old, she still has all the time in the world for her wedding.

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