Zayn Malik: ¿Rompió su compromiso con Perrie Edwards?

Zayn Malik: Did you break off your engagement to Perrie Edwards?

Zayn Malik: Did you break off your engagement to Perrie Edwards?

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wantedthe 08/05/2015 | 09:12

Zayn Malik and the four guys from One Direction have been going their separate ways for about four months. Since then, the defector has had to constantly defend himself from angry fans and nasty rumors, always by his side – his fiancee Perrie Edwards. But apparently the relationship didn’t withstand the bullshit storm against Zayn Malik: The ex-boyfriend of 1D is said to have broken off the engagement to the Little Mix singer.

Zayn Malik broke up?

Curse or blessing for One Direction fans? Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are ready to go their separate ways from now what the American magazine “People” wants to know. For many directors who blamed the Little Mix singer for Zayn Malik’s solo plans, this should be good news. Perrie Edwards, on the other hand, is not doing well, the magazine continues. I was “devastated” since Zayn Malik pulled the rope.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, the “X Factor” contestant is chilling out with her bandmates in Los Angeles after Zayn Malik is said to have separated from the 22-year-old two weeks ago.. Perrie Edwards has reportedly now removed her engagement ring, which, according to the Daily Mail, was last worn on a promo date with her band Little Mix. Zayn Malik keeps a low profile

Perrie Edwards is beside herself

While fans of the 22-year-old and the press are speculating madly about the reasons for the sudden breakdown of the relationship, Zayn Malik keeps a low profile. The singer, who is usually so informative, has so far not commented on either his press spokesperson or on social media.. But the latest paparazzi images of Perrie Edwards speak clear language anyway: downcast eyes, teary eyes, and rarely a smile on their faces. In fact, it seems to have ended up between her and Zayn Malik!It remains to be seen if Zayn Malik will shed the cloak of silence in the coming days. We are of the opinion that he owes a statement to his fans; after all, they have always supported him until now and will continue to do so in this difficult phase!

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