Zayn Malik: primer tweet después de la salida de 1D

Zayn Malik: first tweet after leaving 1D

First tweet

wanted04/21/2015 | 16:08

After his surprising departure from One Direction, things have gotten surprisingly quiet around Zayn Malik in recent weeks. Although he broke the hearts of many fans with his departure and also left his bandmates confused, the public could no longer speak to the girl’s crush. But now Zayn Malik breaks his silence and thanks the people who are very close to his heart: his fans.

Until a few weeks ago, Zayn Malik was still one of the successful beauties of One Direction and achieved success after success with the band. His departure from the group was a surprise to many and although it has been a while, his withdrawal still seems a great mystery. The exact reasons why Zayn Malik left One Direction are still unclear. Even to his bandmates, the singer was no longer available.

Zayn Malik wants to break new ground

But now it seems that the interpreter of “Story Of My Life” has finally tired of the game of hide and seek. After it was unavailable to either the press or Harry Styles & Co., He finally got in touch with his 14.6 million followers on his Twitter account.. “I want to thank everyone who has been there for me over the last few weeks. I love you all… ”, Zayn Malik posted a few hours ago. Zayn Malik dares to start overOne Direction’s departure is also something of a new beginning for Zayn Malik. A few days ago, the 22-year-old, accompanied by his mother, showed himself at the Asian Awards with a new haircut: he trimmed his dark and fluffy hair with a shave. As a source reported to “HollywoodLife”, reaching for the scissors was a kind of cleaning ritual for Zayn Malik: “He feels like it symbolizes a reboot and takes him further away from his boy band days. From when his hair was still wild. He doesn’t care what other people think, to be honest.“Even if the singer walks away from his time in One Direction in this way, he hasn’t forgotten about his former bandmates, as Zayn Malik made clear in a short speech at the Asian Awards:”I would like to take this moment to thank the four best guys I have met while in the band and experienced all these wonderful things.

Zayn Malik used the time to complete One Direction on his own and emerge from this experience as a strengthened person. A comeback seems out of the question to the chagrin of his fans. But who knows if Zayn Malik won’t be trying to become a solo artist soon!

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain