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Zodiac Signs – A Cancer Tattoo Can Look So Beautiful

The emotional

Do you love Cancer, either as a zodiac sign or as Ariel’s partner Sebastian, and would you like to wear it under your skin? We will tell you what properties cancer represents and show you the most beautiful cancer tattoo stencils for inspiration.

Cancer tattoo as a zodiac sign: the sensitive

Cancer is the “sensitive” of the zodiac signs. Not surprisingly, the life motto of this zodiac sign is “I feel”. Humanity and its loved ones are extremely important to Cancer, because in the first place, when they open their hard shell, their soft core is revealed. They are good listeners and always have advice on hand for their friends. They are believed to be empathetic, intelligent, imaginative, determined, and loving, but it is precisely these deep emotions that are Cancer’s weaknesses. She is pessimistic, fearful, oversensitive, and others may perceive her strong motherhood as condescending. Cancer often gets in its own way. It works from the gut, and depending on the mood, that can quickly complicate a discussion.

Learn more about your zodiac sign: zodiac signs and personality structure

Learn more about your zodiac sign: zodiac signs and personality structure

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This is what your cancer tattoo can look like

When I think of cancer, I immediately think of Sebastian, the cancer from the Disney movie Arielle. Anyone who is a fan of Arielle can show their love for the mermaid with a tattoo of her faithful companion. If you are from the zodiac sign Cancer, you have many options to get the reason. Either as a constellation of stars, as a symbol or as the animal in various variations.

The most beautiful cancer tattoo templates

To make it a little easier for you to choose, here we have selected some great cancer tattoo templates.

# 1 Fine constellation of stars on the clavicle

# 2 Cancer symbol with flowers on the wrist

# 3 Black and White Cancer Tattoo and Dot Work on Upper Arm

# 4 Cancer Sebastian in a colorful drawing style

# 5 Cancer Tattoo Made of Triangles in Line Art Style

Don’t want a permanent tattoo or are you looking for the perfect body motif for a festival? You can then use the Zodiac Tattoo Stencils (at Amazon, approx. $ 9) and XPassion Temporary Glitter Tattoo Colors (approx. $ 16, at Amazon) to conjure up your own tattoo.

Cancer at a glance:

  • The zodiac sign is between that June 22nd and the July 22
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Moon
  • Positive features: Empathetic, determined, sensitive, intelligent, loving
  • Negative characteristics: Anxious, hypersensitive, pessimistic, vulnerable
  • Precious stones: Moonstone, Emerald, Opal
  • Statement: “I feel”

Did you find a reason? Then talk to the tattoo artist you trust and design your unique cancer tattoo. If you are not completely sure whether a tattoo is right for you, take the test here and find out which tattoo will suit you:

Which tattoo suits you?